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The Rigiflex Range


Comfortable in any situation, the New Matic 360 likes the difficult jobs. Its sturdy construction and easy maintenance puts it at the top of its class. Well-equipped, it adapts itself easily to any condition on the water. Stable, quick, practical - tiller operation.


Newmatic 370 is a professionnal version of the CAP 370. Robust and offering good free-board, the Newmatic 370 is very stable and dry. Available in console version as well.


Ideal for heavy use, sturdy, this boat is equipped to hold all of your gear (in lockers, storage compartments, under the seats). Easy to steer, very maneuverable, the New Matic 400 comfortably holds up to six people on board in total security. Available in console version as well


Our new flagship built for the professional/commercial market. Plenty of space & stowage, steering console & seating. Triple layer hull construction gives immense strenghth, but still performs in a sea.


THE HEAVY-DUTY ESSENTIALS Green like the rivers and ponds on which it can be found, the Aqua-Pêche 300 can be to those hard-to-navigate places. As you sit on the wooden midship seat, or on the molded aft seats, you will discover the peaceful tranquility that nature offers… Happy fishing !


THE HEAVY-DUTY ESSENTIALS You can invite up to 4 other people on board. But the best part is, it can be just for you and your fishing gear. With all that you would need standard on this model, increase your chances of catching the big one that used to get away.


THE HEAVY-DUTY ESSENTIALS The Aquapêche 370 is an attractive small river boat in Rigiflex series that absolutely has to be seen. This new model benefits from an electric motor option. The Aquapêche 370 exists also in Luxury version.


Green version of the Newmatic 4700 but with option to fit bow mounted electric motor. Plenty of space for several people to cast and land when fishing.

CAP 300

Ideal as a tender with handles fitted for easier carrying and a moveable seat.

CAP 360

At sea or on calmer waters, the Cap 360 is a remarkable boat. It was designed to satisfy the most discriminating motorboater for simple and enjoyable navigation in complete safety. By choosing a Cap 360, you will have the ideal boat for cruising and for speed.

CAP 370

The Cap 370 is the new rigiflex dinghy for family and cruising At sea or on calmer waters, the CAP 370 is the new dinghy for family. It is designed to satisfy the most discriminating motorboater for simple and enjoyable navigation in complete safety.

CAP 400

THE NEW SPIRIT OF OCEANS AND RIVERS The comfortable and well-designed cockpit is part of an integral structure that is strong and very stiff. Well protected, you can navigate in perfect safety, even at high speeds. Take some of your friends, stow your diving gear, and don’t forget the water skis.

CAP 4700

A straight bow and wave piercing V entry hull gives great comfort whilst underway and minimises fuel consumption. Self draining deck at rest with plenty of stowage. Comfortable and stable.


Small but extremely stable, with lasting durability, shock resistant, this small dinghy from Jeanneau is 2,30 m / 7’ 5’’ long stows anywhere easily, and can take you (and several others) to your boat from the beach or from the docks with all your gear on board.


THE HEAVY-DUTY ESSENTIALS With this model, anything is possible… Thanks to its Breton-style dinghy shape, you can even brave choppy waters to safety gt to your favorite fishing spot. Well equipped, it adapts to all kinds of water conditions. It’s comfortable for fishing, a solid performer, and safe and secure for your peace of mind.